CoreLogic Correspondent Validation Program (CCVP)


What is changing with the CoreLogic Correspondent Validation Program (CCVP)?


Citi announced the retirement of CCVP on Friday, June 7th.


What is the CCVP retirement date?


The CCVP program will be retired on September 30, 2019.


Will I still be able to order products in CCVP after September 30, 2019?


No, the CCVP will be shut off and no orders can be placed.


Will CoreLogic have alternate offerings?


Yes, CoreLogic has alternate offerings for clients who wish to continue with a correspondent lending program:

Option 1: AVMs

AVMs are available and can be used in your workflow based on your criteria for appraisal review.

Note: Property address is used to generate the AVM report.

Option 2:  Collateral Expert

Collateral Expert generates a property complexity score along with the property valuation range and recent nearby sales transactions. Based on your criteria, you establish PASS/FAIL thresholds using the property complexity score.

Note: Property address is used to generate the Collateral Expert report.

Option 3:  RealView

RealView generates a Quality Score that can be used for you to determine PASS/FAIL criteria. Additionally, RealView is an automated appraisal review tool that rapidly analyzes the report post-delivery for compliance, completeness, and consistency against appraisal industry guidelines and a customized appraisal review rule set.

Note: Appraisal is used to generate the RealView report.


Who do I contact to get more information on which alternate offering is the most suitable for my business?


Please contact Scott Kinnard at 800-434-7260 X118 for more information.